Wosai screwdriver

Screwdriver Wosai0

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$ 12.58

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Lightweight and compact screwdriver. Suitable for small repairs around the house, garage and summer cottage: assemble furniture, cover a gazebo with a roof, disassemble a motorcycle, etc.

The screwdriver has adjustable torque in25 positions. There are 2 rotation speeds: 400 and 1500 rpm. The LED flashlight is activated by pressing the power button. There is an indicator of the remaining battery charge on the side.

A lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 12 V is installed in the screwdriver. It is enough to screw 200 screws or 30 minutes of continuous work.

The price is for a standard package. There are also configurations with increased voltage, additional battery, case and tools. They will already need more promotional codes:

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