Xiaomi 1More Wireless Headphones

Xiaomi Wireless Headphones 1More0

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$ 68.20

They pair with the phone using a modernBluetooth 5.0 - the connection is excellent, without interruptions. They have touch control: you can switch tracks, pause, control calls, etc. Supports AAC audio codec, which enhances the quality of the transmitted sound.

The headphones have an active noise canceling system and6 microphones, so the interlocutor will hear you clearly, and in noisy places you will hear the music better. The earbuds have an infrared sensor that stops music when you remove the earphone from your ear and plays when you put it back in.

Battery life without case is 5 hours. Get a 2-hour charge with fast charging in 15 minutes. IPX4 water resistant - splash, dust and sweat resistant.