Xiaomi Cleargrass Smart Alarm Clock

Smart alarm clock Xiaomi Cleargrass0

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$ 9.53

The lowest price ever - prior to that the lowest price on discounts was $ 12 (952r).

The gadget combines several devices: alarm clock, clock, thermometer, hygrometer (measuring air humidity).

The watch has a minimalistic design. The only button is a solid silicone leg. It gently triggers and turns off the alarm when we lightly press on it from above.

The device is controlled and configured viaapplication on the smartphone "Mi Home". You can add 16 alarms and control each one separately: change the melody, volume, frequency of operation, turn on the repeat mode.

A total of 9 melodies are available: from the classic "beep" to nature sounds, guitar and piano. The sounds are pleasant, they turn on smoothly.

There is a subgrid for viewing readings in the dark. Also in "Mi Home" you can watch temperature and humidity readings in real time.