Xiaomi Dreame Bot L10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Dreame Bot L10 Pro0

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$ 337

The lowest price ever! Even on sale it was $ 7 more expensive.

The vacuum cleaner is configured via the Mi Home app(suction power, cleaning schedule, etc.). The application builds a map of the apartment with obstacles and walls. He has very advanced navigation - the robot sees even socks on the floor and gently dehydrates them. You don't have to remove all things from the floor before cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner can easily handle high pile carpets thanks to its 4000 Pa suction power. The updated turbo brush does not wrap the hair, but sucks it straight into the container.

The vacuum cleaner has a wet cleaning function. There is a microfiber underneath that is automatically wetted from the tank. In the application, you can assign zones where wet cleaning is disabled, for example, carpets.

The robot has a five-stage noise reduction system - it does not create discomfort during its work. Noise level - 65 dB (slightly louder than normal conversation).