Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mijia G10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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9 979 RUR

Very low price - it was cheaper only 8 months ago by 500 rubles.

Six months ago I bought myself a similar robot. Now, 2 times a week, he cleans my entire apartment. I don't really like cleaning, but I like cleanliness, that's why I bought it.

The vacuum cleaner is controlled via the Mi Home app(suction power, delayed start, joystick control, brush wear assessment, etc.). Builds an apartment map during the first cleaning, then it is saved in the application's memory.

The vacuum cleaner has a wet cleaning function. Microfiber with Velcro is attached below. It is wetted with water from a 270 ml tank.

Suction power 2200 Pa and turbo brush allows deep cleaning of carpets with medium and low pile. A 2500 mAh battery lasts for 60–90 minutes of operation (up to 100 sq. M.).

It is unlikely that the vacuum cleaner will have any drawbacks, and given such a low price, this is perhaps the best budget robot vacuum cleaner.