Yandex smart light bulb

Yandex smart light bulb0

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915 RUB

Bulb with standard E27 base. Consumes 6W and has a luminous flux of 900 lumens. For example, a conventional incandescent lamp consumes 40 watts and has a luminous flux of 300 lumens. The difference is significant.

The light bulb connects to smart home applications:Yandex, Apple HimeKit and Google Home. You can control the voice assistants Alice, Siri and Google. In the application, you can turn on the light bulb, change the light bulb color, brightness, color temperature from warm yellow to cold white.

Everything is the same in the Yeelight app as in MiHome + a couple of exclusive modes. For example, the music mode - in it, the light glows to the beat of the music. The music is picked up either through the microphone of the smartphone or through the speakers.