YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpress

For sports, you need a comfortable, suitableclothing that adds comfort and makes your workout more enjoyable. The long cotton socks available on AliExpress have become very fashionable lately. The model from the manufacturer YUEDGE, made in one color, received high ratings from users. In this review, you will see the unboxing and analysis of white socks

YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpress

Price on the website: 1258r

Overall rating: 4.9

These socks are sent in standard packagingby mail of Russia. The set consists of 5 pairs of socks of the same color. The model is made in one dominant color. The application of the manufacturer YUEDGE is in the area of ​​the toes and will be invisible when worn. The label displays a picture, washing information and composition of materials of manufacture.

YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressPackaged packageYUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressSocks come in a packageYUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressPicture label
YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressComposition of materials

The socks are made from the following materials:80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% spandex. Perceptible density allows you to count on long-term use. Also, the socks stretch well, in the area of ​​the foot there is a zone of a fine mesh for ventilation, the heel is highlighted. The seller offers three sizes to choose from and three color options, so everyone will choose the best option for themselves.

YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressAppearanceYUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressSocks on my feet

We tried these socks on and were satisfied.The model is suitable for both men and women. In these socks you can train, or use them for everyday wear, especially in the cold season. All seams are well designed. People write in reviews that high density and ventilation zones eliminate the formation of an unpleasant odor with a careful attitude. We did not find any particular drawbacks, with the exception of a couple of protruding threads.

YUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressSocks with sneakersYUEDGE cotton long socks from AliExpressIllustrative example of length

As a result, we can say that these long socks withAliExpress in the vast majority of cases meets the expectations of users. Almost the maximum rating speaks for itself. The cost for a 5-pair set is acceptable in our opinion. Brand stores charge a much higher price tag for similar type of tall socks. Below we offer you a detailed video review of these socks on our YouTube channel. We wish you a happy shopping!